Create User for Oracle Integration cloud in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure aka OCI

1. Login into your OCI Cloud Console

1.1. Under Profile click on the Identity Domain available

2 Create group and user for OIC

2.1. Click on Tab Groups and then Create Group

2.2 Click on Tab User and then click on Tab Create User

2.3 Assign user to Group OIC_ADMIN

Click on the Tab Groups. Select Groups as OIC_ADMIN and then click on the tab Assign user to group

Note: – You can either create user or group first there is no pre-requisite for it.

3.. Now, navigate to Identity -> Domains -> Default domain -> Oracle Cloud Services and select the cloud service for OIC that you have created

4. Now navigate to OIC console and copy and paste Service console URL in diff browser

4.1 Hence you have logged into OIC console

Note :- Brief Introduction for Oracle Integration Service Roles

Oracle IntegrationDescription
ServiceAdministratorA user with the ServiceAdministrator role is a super user who can manage and administer the features provisioned in an Oracle Integration instance
ServiceDeveloper  A user with the ServiceDeveloper role can develop the artifacts specific to the features provisioned in an Oracle Integration instance. For example, in Integrations the user can create integrations, and in Processes the user can create process applications and decision models.
ServiceMonitorA user with the ServiceMonitor role can monitor the features provisioned in an Oracle Integration instance.
ServiceDeployerA user with the ServiceDeployer role can publish the artifacts developed in a feature. This role is not applicable for the Integrations feature.  
ServiceUserA user with the ServiceUser role has privileges to utilize only the basic functionality of a feature such as access to the staged and published applications.
ServiceInvokerA user with the ServiceInvoker role can invoke any integration flow in an Oracle Integration instance that is exposed through SOAP/REST APIs or a scheduled integration
ServiceViewerA user with the ServiceViewer role can navigate to all Integration resource pages (for example, integrations, connections, lookups, libraries, and so on) and view details.

Happy Learning !!!!


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