Creating User in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in simple way

What is user in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ?

An individual employee or system that needs to manage or use company’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. Users might need to launch instances, manage remote disks, work with your virtual cloud network, etc. End users of your application are not typically IAM users. Users have one or more IAM credentials.

1..  Enter Cloud Tenant name and Username and password


2.. Once login successfully click on hamburger Menu and navigate to Governance and Administration and Identity and click on Users Tab.


3..  Now click on create user and enter information as given below.


4.. Once user is created navigate to user created page (right corner) and click on view user detail page.  As seen below you need to approve user created by login into your mail account and approve it.


As given below in screen you can customize user setting.

User password can be created or reset

Multi Factor Authentication can be enabled

Edit user capabilities

Can use Console password (native users only)

Can use API keys

Can use auth tokens

Can use SMTP credentials

Can use customer secret keys

And as given in bottom PEM format public keys can be uploaded for this user.


Happy Learning !!!!


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