How to find Installed Modules in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 …..

First Method :-

1.. Login Oracle E-Business Suite as SYSADMIN user.


1.2.. Click on System Administrator responsibility and OAM Setup tab.



1.3.. Once you have clicked on OAM setup, click on Site Map


1.4..  Now click on Licensed Products under the tab Reports


1.5 Your screen will appear like given below with summary for licensed, Not licensed etc.


1.6..  In given below screen you can filter out products installed in your system.


Second Method :-

2.. Source the Application tier env and Navigate as given below and find and execute script adutconf.sql and under Product Database Configuration you can find installed products.



Third Method:-

3.. Using sql query

SELECT a.application_name,a.product_code, DECODE (b.status, ‘I’, ‘Installed’, ‘S’, ‘Shared’, ‘N/A’) status,patch_level FROM apps.fnd_application_vl a, apps.fnd_product_installations b WHERE a.application_id = b.application_id and b.status=’I’ order by product_code asc;



Happy Learning !!!!


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