Ways to find report or package file version in Oracle E-Business Suite….

1.. ADIDENT Utility :-  ADIDENT Utility in ORACLE application is used to find version of any file.

Syntax: – adident Header <file_name>


2.. STRINGS Utility
Strings is a UNIX based utility which is used to print the strings of printable characters in files and can be used to extract header information from the string content of a file.
Syntax: – strings -a <file_name> | grep Header


3.. SQL Query



SELECT af.app_short_name “Application” ,
af.filename “File Name” ,
afv.VERSION “File Version” ,
NVL (aap.patch_name, ‘Default Installation’) “Patch Number”,
|| fa.basepath
|| ‘/’
|| af.subdir “Location”
FROM apps.ad_files af ,
apps.ad_patch_run_bug_actions apa,
apps.ad_patch_run_bugs aprb ,
apps.ad_patch_runs apr ,
apps.ad_patch_drivers apd ,
apps.ad_applied_patches aap ,
apps.ad_file_versions afv ,
apps.fnd_application fa
WHERE af.filename = ‘filename.plb’ /Change file name /
AND af.file_id = apa.file_id(+)
–AND apa.common_action_id(+) = 4042
AND apa.patch_run_bug_id = aprb.patch_run_bug_id(+)
AND aprb.patch_run_id = apr.patch_run_id(+)
AND apr.patch_driver_id = apd.patch_driver_id(+)
AND apd.applied_patch_id = aap.applied_patch_id(+)
AND af.file_id = afv.file_id
AND af.app_short_name = fa.application_short_name
GROUP BY aap.patch_name,
af.filename ,
af.app_short_name ,
af.file_id ,
af.subdir ,


Happy Learning !!!!


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